Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education has gained immense reputation among the teaching aspirants and the experienced teaching professionals since its inception in 2009. The Institute has its sole focus on the high quality of Teacher Education. The Institution has an Alumni Association called ‘Alumni Association of Rajendra Academy’ and is registered under the Society Act. All the former students of the College are the members of this association. The concept of Alumni association is to provide a forum to bring together in one platform all the old students of the College, so that they can contribute their expertise and share experiences within the arena of teacher education to help the existing trainee teachers to achieve their goals. The idea took shape and the formation of Alumni Association turned into reality. The Alumni Association organizes the Annual Alumni Meet every year. This Association plays an important role as a stakeholder and cooperates with the Institution. In 2016, at the time of NAAC inspection, they actively participated in the process of Accreditation inspection and our College was accredited with B grade. 


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