Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education is committed to adhere the highest standard of academic rigor for the students. The College provides a congenial learning environment in its lush green sprawling campus with adequate infrastructural facilities. Dedicated teachers with their knowledge, experiences and professional expertise are engaged in shaping the students with multiple skills. Keeping in view the importance of sports for health and fitness, the institution encourages participation of students in various games, events and field activities. Physical recreation through games and sports has been the priority of the College since its inception. The spacious ground of the College are being used for playing cricket, football, volleyball, badminton,etc along with facilities for yoga, weightlifting, wrestling and kabaddi. Lectures on different areas of physical education, training and coaching facilities for various games and sports are also initiated by the College. Academics and sports are the two sides of the same coin. But the concept of education has changed drastically over a period of time where more focus is given on holistic development of students. As a dynamic Teacher Training College, Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education ensures that the trainee teachers are being actively involved in sports in order to balance among the mind, body and soul.

Extracurricular and sports activities organized by the College plays an important role in providing exposure to academic and social experiences among the trainee teachers. The College emphasizes in inculcating various traits among the students like self-confidence, compassion, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork for physical and mental development along with academic excellence. Sports activities not only enhance concentration of power but make the students more agile, smart and acquaint them with many scientific theories in practical. As the College is committed to holistic development of students it provides a wide variety of sporting and recreational facilities to the students round the year. The Sports Committee takes care of the indoor and outdoor sports resources and ensures that the facilities are well maintained.  

Value learning, life skills, caring for others and team spirit are some of the characteristics developed through sports in a person. Today the academia and the society on a whole have started to appreciate the importance of a 360 degree development process. The renewed emphasis on physical education, yoga and sports reflect the contemporary demands. Our College transacts holistic curriculum blended with sports activities for promoting   harmonious development of the students. The focus of the College is to ensure an enriching environment for fair play, honest competition and sportsmanship spirit among students.

The main objectives of sports at Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education are as follows,


  • Physical Fitness: Sports and health are associated with each other. The College insists on the practice of regular physical activity through various events for reducing the unwanted illness. Training activities from the sports help to improve the coordination among hand, eye and foot with increase in the energy level among them.
  • Emotional Development: Another objective of our College is to remove emotional fatigue among students through active participation in sports. Exercises lead to the relaxation of mental fatigue which promotes concentration, effective problem solving approach, and enhanced concentration level with more focus on academics.
  • Spirit of Teamwork: The College focuses on increasing the spirit of teamwork among students through sports. In order to succeed in education the students need to work together with the teachers and fellow students. Moreover employers prefer those who possess the skill of working together for achieving a common goal. Through the teamwork the students become adaptable, persistent and patient with a sense of group and individual responsibility.
  • Leadership skills: Sports activities develop leadership skills among the students. Knowing how to lead a team teaches the students in managing with emotions and discipline. They also articulate the skill of leading from the front along with winning spirit for ensuring success.
  • Discipline: Discipline is one of the key for successful sports. The College involves the students in sports activity for inculcating physical, mental and tactical discipline. The students learn about the rules, obeying the instructor and respecting the decisions which enable them in realizing their potentials for attaining success.
  • Inculcating Good Habits: The College attempts to inculcate love and passion for sports among the students so that they can develop the habit of staying healthy with regular exercise. Discipline which the students learn from sports events helps them from refraining from any bad deeds. It teaches them not only to play by the rules but also about life.

Sports facilities provided by the College:  The College provides the following sports facilities:

  1. Ground with 100 meter and 200 meter track.
  2. Badminton court.
  3. Volley ball court.
  4. Football field.
  5. Cricket field.
  6. Long jump arena.
  7. High jump arena.
  8. Shot put arena.
  9. Indoor facilities for table tennis, carom, etc.

Indoor and Outdoor Sports Activities:    The following indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities are followed in the College.       

  • Table Tennis.
  • Carom.
  • Chess.
  • Yoga.
  • Cricket.
  • Badminton.
  • Football.
  • Volleyball.
  • Athletics.
  • Kho-kho.
  • Kabaddi.


  • Prof. (Dr.) B.C.Swain
  • Dr. Madhumita Baidya
  • Mr.Mahadeb Chattopadhyay
  • Mr.Pintu Saini
  • Mr.Anup Nandi
  • Mr.Taju Laskar
  • Ms.Shampa Pal
  • Ms.Susmita Ghosh
  • Ms.Pallabi Chattopadhyay
  • Mr.Satya Sundar Sarkar
  • Mr.Soumyakanta Bhattacharyya
  • Mr.Dhananjay Pandit (In-Charge)
  • Mr.Prabir Bain
  • Ms.Arpita Shyamal
  • Ms.Adrija Dutta


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