Rajendra Academyfor Teachers’ Education is a NAAC Accredited composite Teachers’ trainingcollege. The objective to develop the students with advanced knowledge, skilland attitude for building perspective teachers through Teacher Education Programmes.The College runs with the aims to prepare students to stand as winners in theworld of competition. Apart from providing academic classes on disciplines, thecollege also provides comprehensive support to the students in terms ofmultiple facilities.

Agood coaching will ingrain students with the fundamentals of coachingregardless of the professional level. The disciplines include coaching of WBTET/CTET/NET/SET/SSC.In addition to this, teachers also provide coaching on Spoken English trainingand communication skills respectively.


Thetrained and qualified teachers of RajendraAcademy for Teachers’ Education help guides the students to learn about thefoundational skills and hands-on experiences necessary to become credentialedand well-practiced teacher in the world of education. The below mentioned coachingstrategies are the ones which are provided by our college.


WBTET stands forWest Bengal Teachers’ Eligibility Test and is conducted for the recruitment ofthe teachers for schools which are run by the Government of West Bengal in twodifferent halves. One is the Primary TET and the other is the Upper Primary TET.The college provides the necessary study materials, syllabus and concrete guidelinesthat a candidate should follow in order to take preparation for WBTET exam.

 This exam is conducted in two differentdivisions. One is the Primary TET, especially for the students who havequalified and are in the course to complete the degree of D.El.Ed. The nextdivision is the Upper Primary TET which demands the latest qualification of thecandidate must be D.El.Ed and also B.Ed respectively.

WB TET is solelythe factor that determines the eligibility of candidate to be recruited as ateacher in the government as well as the private schools of West Bengal.Qualified individuals who wish to make a career as a teacher in any privatelyrun or government school of West Bengal have to mandatorily appear for thisexamination to be considered eligible for being hired as a teacher.


TheCTET is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) twice everyyear. The guidelines of the eligibility are fixed according to the guidelinesframed by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Rajendra Academyfor Teachers’ Education is truly involved in guiding the students with the objectiveto clear the Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test at one chance. This exam is dividedinto Paper I and Paper II.

 Candidate must possess Minimum EducationalQualifications for becoming a teacher for Class I to V and VI to VIII. Ourtrained teachers help the students to understand the concepts of pedagogicalissues, language related queries, and questions related to multiple choices only.

Note: BothCTET and WBTET includes subject related to Child Development & Pedagogy,Language I & Language II, Mathematics and Science, Social Studies/SocialScience. The pattern of question paper is similar in both the centre and thestate.

Experienced Teachers guide the students according tothe pattern and the topics to be covered within the syllabus.


Rajendra Academyfor Teachers’ Education provides coaching to the students free of cost withthe principle objective to evaluate the instructional and research abilities withinthem. Candidates are taught upon display of subjective capacities, whichincorporate perception, examination, assessment, understanding of the structureof contentions, deductive and inductive thinking. NET stands for NationalTeachers Eligibility Test & SET stands for State Eligibility Test.

Theteachers focus upon teaching General Paper mostly and also on Paper II for thesubject of Education. Areas like the concepts of Teaching Aptitude, ResearchAptitude, Different levels of teaching, methods of teaching in institutions, Stepsof research, Application of knowledge, ICT in research and governance, logicalreasoning, Data Interpretation, Information and communication Technology, Highereducation are dealt with expertise.

Thecoaching is although designed for M.Ed students only but students from the B.Edcourse can also participate in this coaching. Furthermore students areadditionally expected to have a general knowledge about instructional and learningforms in advanced educational framework.

SSC (School Service Commission)

Rajendra Academyfor Teachers’ Education also provides coaching to students for SchoolService Examination during the college hours. This is the official recruitmentof teachers that the Government of West Bengal conducts for recruiting ableteachers through an examination with prescheduled syllabus.

Theable teachers of the college guide and judiciously help the students to takethis coaching while will help them shine in better prospect of life. Last year,there were about 9-10 students who cracked the SSC examination and now posted asteachers in Government schools. A regular and frequent exam schedule preparedby the teachers benefits the students with much time.

Note: All coaching ofWBTET/CTET/NET/SET/SSCare offered to the students free of cost within the college campusunder the guidance of able teachers. 

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