English Language Training

Language is a medium of communication and in today's world English is the mother language for communication across the globe. In the globalised world one is handicapped without the knowledge of English. It is the need of the hour to equip our students with at least the knowledge of Functional English so that they do not lag behind despite having professional degrees.

Rajendra Academy for Teachers Education has a well designed English language development training for its students who mostly come from vernacular medium. The program is designed to accommodate all students and ensure they are exposed to a language other than their mother tongue that will assist and further their understanding of the wider world.All student-teachers are encouraged to take the course regardless of the level of linguistic proficiency they have when they begin learning the foreign language. It is to benefit the students in more than one ways. Knowledge of English not only widens employment scope but opens door for further study. At the same time it becomes a source for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation

OBJECTIVES of our language development training is organised into the following communicative processes :

  • Oral communication
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Visual interpretation

The course content covers the above mentioned domains. We have a comprehensive rich teaching material comprising functional grammar , vocabulary for different contexts - social, professional , conversation , pronunciation., Business writing, informal writing etc. our theory teaching is backed by practical. We have a well equipped digital language lab. Language lab provides space for practice and practice makes the students confident before they begin to use the language in real life situations. It motivates students learning attitude and provides an interactive learning environment.Teaching learning is organised in six phases. The phases represent a developmental continuum of additional language  learning and are used as a tool in identifying the level of proficiency in the target language. As students progress through the six phases they are expected to develop the competencies to communicate appropriately and effectively in an increasing range of social, cultural and academic contexts  for an increasing variety of audiences and purposes The phases of language efficiency range from--

Phase1--------------- when learner is a beginning communicator to

Phase 6-------------- proficient communicator.

Each phase provides an overview of expected competencies. And in each phase the students are diagnosed for their growth in respective language development domains. Our student-teachers find the English language development training a blessing. After successful completion of the training they not only know the language but are ready to take every challenge.

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