Faculty Development

Faculty Members are the intellectual resource of an Academic Institute. They have a significant role to play in shaping the career of young learners. Faculty Development Programme is the Institutional initiative for strengthening the professional development of Faculties. The emphasis is to help the Teacher Educators in increasing the effectiveness of teaching with skill based inputs. It is an opportunity for Faculty members to introspect on current knowledge and the essentials of effective teaching, learning, assessment and research. The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) hosts group workshops and individual consultations for the faculty to develop and share their experiences, explore creative pedagogic methods and resources for learning framework.

Today the profession of teaching has become quite challenging. Teacher Training Institute is expected to be both effective and research oriented. A teacher can teach all day long and cover an extensive amount of material, but if students do not assimilate and correlate the learned contents it leads to wastage and under utilization of human resources. Being an Educator is not just about sharing knowledge, it is about making sure that learners truly integrate the knowledge with objectives. Teaching without effective learning is not fruitful. For an effective teacher, one needs to possess the ability to deliver the domain knowledge with appropriate pedagogical tools. A dedicated teacher is also required to contribute to the frontiers of knowledge in his/her areas of subject expertise and gain working knowledge of other domains as Education is interdisciplinary in nature. For this, every teacher needs to continuously upgrade himself/herself by engaging in research and pedagogical knowledge. The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is aimed at honing the teaching, classroom management, students support; adoption of new method and collaborative measures.

OBJECTIVES:  The core of Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is to promote campus wide excellence in teaching for professional enrichment of the faculty members. FDP at Rajendra Academy For Teachers’ Education has the following objectives.

  • To explore multiple forms of teaching pedagogy with improving teaching effectiveness.
  • To make the faculty members aware of the emerging technologies for teaching, learning and assessment.
  • To orient the faculty members about Institutional objectives, vision and mission.
  • To facilitate the faculties in multiple roles.
  • To enhance capabilities of theory building and contextual application of theories.
  • To provide support and guidance for publication in renowned Academic Journals.
  • To train the Educators for skill based inputs with best practices.
  • To improve research skills with quality work.
  • To gain expertise with modern methods of teaching.
  • To inculcate the professional values, ethics, and competencies among the teachers.
  • To provide guidance to adopt changes in the curriculum according to the industrial needs.

AREAS OF FDP: Faculty Development Programme at Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education had been conducted with the following areas.

  • Instructional Development
  • Professional Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development
  • Academic Leadership

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