Multipurpose Hall

Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education is a NAAC accredited composite Teacher Training College established in 2009 with the mission of academic excellence. Catering to the needs of contemporary trend and academic rigor proper synergy between the mind and soul is required. In course of shaping the overall competencies of the teacher trainees the College focuses on multiple activities and events round the year.

The College has a spacious, well ventilated and furnished Multi Purpose Hall with seating capacity of 350 persons with an area of 400 square foot. This hall is named as Tapan Kumar Chakraborty Memorial Hall and is located at the basement of the College. The hall is the central venue for the major events of the College which are organized round the year. It is a common          space for the students, faculty members and other stakeholders for interfacing with each other during seminars, conferences, workshops, guest lectures, symposium, panel discussion and other events. The Multipurpose Hall blooms in full color during College Foundation Day programme, Fresher’s Welcome, Teachers Day, Alumni Reunion, etc.

Objectives: The prime objectives of the Multipurpose Hall are as follows,

  • All round development of the teacher trainees.
  • Promotion of co curricular activities.
  • Development of inter personal skills.
  • Conducive learning environment to the students.
  • Holding of various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Hosting of multi disciplinary facilities with the vision of the College.
  • Conducting various training programmes.
  • Celebration of observation days along with cultural events.
  • Hosting of cultural events and observation of special days.

Key Features: The Multipurpose Hall is an integral domain of the College with the following characteristics.

  1. Layout: The layout of the hall is planned in such a way that the chairs are placed on the side of the walls. Free passage is available for movement. Due care has been taken in arrangement of sitting accommodation so that the stage must appear from any corner of the wall.
  2. Flooring: The material used for finishing the floor is compatible with the various uses of the Hall. Floor of the front end of the hall is elevated which serves as stage for conducting various events.
  3. Ventilation: Free flow of air within the hall is ensured so that taken care.
  4. Integrated Technology: The Hall is designed in such a manner which can accommodate various technical aspects simultaneously. Audio, video, data and electrical outlets are integrated with the projector for conducting various events smoothly.
  5. Acoustics: It is the balancing of acts for a multipurpose hall. Proper mix of utilities like voice system, film projections, microphones, public address system are adhered to in the hall. Roof of the hall is designed with sound absorptive materials that enhance acoustics.
  6. Light & Sound: The sound system is installed in the Hall in order to ensure uniform dispersion of sound during programme or events. Amplifiers and other accessories with hall projection system also make the system as full proof. The architectural design of the Hall is commensurate for receiving full light during coverage of events. Spotlights, light control and dimmer system enhance the overall ambience of the Hall.
  1. CCTV Coverage: For the security and safety of all the Multipurpose Hall is under CCTV surveillance. It facilitates to protect the area by monitoring and taking preventive measures if required.

Facilities Provided: The Multipurpose Hall of the College is furnished with the following facilities.

  • Adequately spaced to accommodate maximum number of participants.
  • Stage with green room facilities.
  • Podium with good sound system.
  • Stage with wider coverage and clear view for audience.
  • Audi visual aids.
  • High speed internet with networking.
  • Power back up through DG.
  • Public address system.
  • Recording of events.
  • LCD projector with multimedia.
  • Security parameters like fire extinguisher and emergency exit.

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