On 3rd June 2024 for the session 2023-2025,We hosted a dynamic seminar tailored specifically for our esteemed non-teaching staff, focusing on two critical pillars of professional development: organizational behavior and time management. The purpose of this enlightening session was to equip our dedicated team with invaluable insights and strategies to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and overall effectiveness within our organization. By delving into the nuances of organizational behavior, attendees gained a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics, communication styles, and team synergy, fostering a more harmonious and collaborative work environment. Furthermore, through comprehensive time management techniques and tools, participants learned how to optimize their schedules, prioritize tasks, and achieve greater work-life balance. This seminar underscores our commitment to investing in the growth and success of every member of our team, empowering them to thrive in their roles and contribute meaningfully to our shared goals.

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