Purify Drinking Water

Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education is a dedicated Teacher Training College to impart education to the teacher trainees with state of the art infrastructure along with the facilities to execute academic integrity. As a part of various facilities provided by the College it ensures proper hygiene and safeguarding from water borne diseases with a healthy environment for all. The College has made all the necessary arrangements for providing clean and pure drinking water to the students and all staff. Each drinking water point has a branded water purifier for the uninterrupted supply of water.

Water Purification: The drinking water is purified by the water purifier installed within the Academic block. It is easily accessible by the students and all other staffs. Water purification is done by Aqua guard 200 ultra violet (UV) water purifier through three stage purification process. First stage of purification involves filtering out the dust and mud. Second stage of purification involves absorption and removal of organic impurities, lead, pesticides and foul smell. Third stage of purification deactivates the virus, bacteria, protozoa and other microorganisms which cause disease. The entire purification process through UV technology ensures retaining all essential minerals of the body for health. After purification the rejected water is used for gardening. This ensures proper use of water with minimum wastage.

Cold Water: During summer fresh and pure drinking water is provided to the students and staff through the Water Cooler having capacity of cooling 60 liters of water at a stretch. It is to ensure that the students and staffs of the College remain hydrated during scorching heat along with sound health.

The Maintenance Committee regularly checks the functioning of water purifier and water cooler. Proper repair and replacement are done in order to ensure pure and safe drinking water for all. As a healthy practice only pure and fresh water is allowed for cooking in the College canteen and also in students’ hostel.

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