Student Development Cell

Student development is the way how a student grows, progresses or increases the developmental capabilities by enrolment in an academic institution. It takes into account the nature of learning including the social, emotional, motivational, cognitive, biological, and cultural contexts of learning for overall development. Student Development Cell was established at Rajendra Academy For Teachers’ Education for supporting the students through various institutional activities.


Learning by students in a given time frame through assigned courses and factors which influence the overall development process with the following,

*     Understanding behavioural pattern and interactions.

*     Designing learning experiences relevant to developmental stages.

*     Making informed decisions about course content as well as teaching strategies.

*     Creating inclusive learning environment.

*     Increase of student engagement.

*     Guiding students in navigating their developmental journeys.


Support students’ growth by challenging the beliefs that characterize their current development levels.

Transition from the practice of depending on peers toward independent thought by experiential learning and contextual learning.

Providing  various  choice of learning  in order to ensure a learning experience is equipped with  reasonable challenges to learners.

Communicating learning objectives and explaining   the relevance with a sense of belongingness. 

Providing opportunities for students to practice the acquired skills and knowledge acquired in classroom. 

Encouraging self-reliance in students through active role in self-learning and peer learning. 

Fostering  a supportive classroom environment and inclusive culture by accommodating learners  with  diversity. 

Framing curricula for engaging students in psychological, social, and moral discipline. 

Support and collaboration with other stakeholders for students’ development and co-curricular activities.

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