Vision and Mission


A group of disciplined and dedicated prospective teachers equipped with prerequisite knowledge,skill and professional attitude will be in place to carry on nation building activities who would be ready to perform with responsibility under all conditions at the school level so as to make a difference in the quality of education in the country as envisaged the and national policies on education.


*   Rajendra Academy for teachers'Education aspires to be a leading institution in the country offering quality teacher fraternity and foster lifelong learning.

*   To produce cognitively enriched ,effectively educated,professionally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired teachers 

*   To enrich on their knowledge and skill to perform with promise at the school point in accordance with the changing pedagogical paradigm

*   To develop a strong affinity towards the national values promote creativity and critical thinking among the prospective teachers to make a difference in  the school setup 

*   To develop in trainee teacher, the skills and competencies necessary to play a multi-faced role of the teachers, a sense of duty, discipline, responsibility and service to the nation

 *   To develop an understanding of the principles of the pedagogy and its application to curriculum in the classroom by using constructionist strategy and ICT skills .

  *   To provide opportunities to become a talented teacher.

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