Cultural Programmes

At Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education Diversity is recognised as essential binding agent of the interdisciplinary approach to education as well as to the greater life experience. The celebration of cultural diversity supports and enhances institution's mission of accepting the responsibility to be actively involved in the practice of”unity in diversity". The college provides the just platform where diverse perspectives, cultures and values are accepted, appreciated and celebrated.Founded in 2009, Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education realizes the truth that Diversity is whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. In order to translate it's believe in action it has a well founded cultural committee at work. The convener along with the committee members is responsible for the celebration of intra and inters collegiate cultural events. They work in nitty- gritty , right from enlisting the events to be observed, budget, venue, logistics, permission from management, intimating college authority, staff, students, deciding on date ,time etc. Helping the core group are the teachers and principal. The college management too plays a very encouraging role in making this happen. It is generous in financing such events and makes sure every department like food, hospitality of guests, parents is well taken care of. We have a wide spectrum of festivities... from independence Day, Republic Day, Swaraswati Puja,Women's Day to Teacher's day, college Foundation Day....There is the colour of Basant utsav, Holi, Deewaali and also the grandeur of Christmas, I’d, Gurunanak Jayanti...to name a few. Teaching-learning in such an amazing environment is absolute joy.It enriches our learners in multiple ways. Observation of different festivals is the key to tolerance and peace. It practically helps us to be open-minded improving such practices helps in community growth. It is energizing and inspiring our students not only learn to look beyond them but simultaneously learn to look within themselves. Before we preach others lessons of unity in diversity, we need to peep into one to see if our mind and heart is ready mingling with all and what other novel way of learning this essential lesson of peaceful coexistence.

Cultural Committee

SL NONameDesignation
1Ms. Kasturi DuttaIn-Charge
2Ms.Sonia YasminMember
3Ms.Adrija DuttaMember
4Mrs. Jhuma DevMember
5Dr.Madhumita BaidyaMember
6Mr. Parimal DasMember
7Mr. Satya Sundar SarkaarMember
8Ms. Susmita GhoshMember
9Mrs.Sneha DuttaMember
10Mrs. Dipanwita GhoshMember
11Miss.Arpita ShyamalMember
12Ms. Anamika PandyMember
13Ms. Pallabi ChattopadhyayMember
13Ms. Shampa PalMember
14Mr. Subhadip GhoshMember

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