Guidence And Counceling

Guidance and counseling Every individual has the potentiality to develop the self-understanding capacity that includes the understanding of the abilities, interests, behaviours, attitudes, values, conflicts, anxieties, likes, dislikes, impulses, emotions, goals, one’s role in society etc. Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education guides the students and at times personally deals with the various their issues.Helping the scholars to unravel their Personal, Educational and Psychological problems.

  • Developing positive attitude and behavior so as to satisfy challenges.
  • Creating awareness among the scholars for his or her future Profession.
  • Providing the information to the scholars on the scope and relevance of any area regardless of their field of interest.
  • Recognizing their strength overcome and weaknesses.

Need for Guidance and Counseling  CellT he need for guidance and counseling for college students emerge from the changes happening in every sphere of life. Academic stress, poor academic performance, cut-throat competition, vast and varied educational and career opportunities and resulting confusion in making career choice all constitute in the process of ever growing, changing and sophisticated world. Guidance and counseling, thus, promotes holistic development of each student. This signifies the necessity for every teacher to become a ‘guidance minded’ teacher and perform his/her functions with guidance aim.Guidance Counseling for Students Guidance and counseling Role of the Guidance Counseling Experts Planning, coordination and supervision of guidance services within the states.

  • Training of guidance personnel such as career teaches’ training programs.
  • Preparation, development and translation of tests and tools of assessment.
  • Conducting research on various problems in the field of guidance.
  • Collection, classification, production and dissemination of career information.
  • Publication of suitable guidance materials in the regional language for the use of slow learner students 
  • Providing consultancy and field service to the students
  • To assist the students in Career areas (Knowledge of different career options through Career Talks)
  • To help them in Personal areas (Stress, anxiety, lack of self- confidence, communication skills, Development of Positive attitude, Assertiveness Training etc)
  • To provide assistance in academic areas (study habits, Time management, Goal Orientation etc)

Approach of a Counselor It is premised that each teacher features a Guidance role and may provide guidance and counseling services to students. To be teacher counselors, teachers undergo professional counsellor training programme to develop/enhance the specified knowledge and skills. It is expected that these teachers would integrate guidance philosophy and principles in their day-to-day teaching work and other school activities and through interaction with students, parents, principals etc. This approach views every teacher as having the potential to be a counsellor. The goal of education is the harmonious development of an individual. Education helps in fostering all aspects of an individual’s personality. Guidance has an important contribution in achieving these goals. Professional guidance and counseling   are increasingly needed to take care of complexities of daily living of our students. Team of Specialized Expert The team of experienced teachers and guidance counselors works in collaboration with the Principal to facilitate and stimulate the growth of our college students by organizing different workshops, talks and different programs. Individual counseling facility is also provided under this cell.Major Components of Guidance and Counseling Programme at College Keeping in sight the scholars needs and aims, major components of the Guidance and Counseling programme fall under following categories:Orientation-This activity helps students to be conversant in the diversity, courses, activities, facilities, staff etc. and suits the varsity environment and develop positive attitudes. Orientation also helps the scholar to understand purpose.Assessment- Psychological assessment is aimed toward identifying student potential and characteristics in order to market his / her self-understanding. Different types of tests and tools both standardized and non-standardized procedures are used for the aim.Group Guidance - Group guidance activities are organized to market students physical, educational and personal-social development and adjustment and supply career information class talks and career talks, discussions, workshops, conferences, visits, displays and exhibitions role play etc. are frequently used methods.Career Information-It includes collection, management and dissemination of reliable and valid information on careers and courses to groups and individual students. Career information promotes career development, adjustment and helps in making career related decisions.Counseling-Counseling focuses on student’s growth and adjustment and promotes problem solving and deciding. It’s generally provided to individual students as per the requirement. However, sometimes a little group of scholars having similar concern are provided group counseling.  Academic domain of the College focuses on:

  •  Improving study skills
  •  Improving attendance
  •  Motivation to find out
  •  Establishing purpose to the training process

Identifying and addressing barriers to academic learning such as issues and problems associated with attendance, discipline, health, family, peer pressure, language, barriers, learning disabilities, educational gaps, unsafe school environment, lack of interest, anxiety. Overcome issues through proper CounselingYoungsters need proper guidance which will make them potent to face in society and make a reputation for themselves. Counseling not only helps them to form decisions concerning their professional career, but it also makes them confident and mentally prepares them for societal hardships.

  • Talk to your children and understand what they need.
  • Guide them thorough career counseling tips.

Teachers help children to acknowledge their strengths, sharpen their interests and provide them with career options to explore their dreams. During a recent report in India Today, about 85% of scholars haven't any clue about which career options to settle on for education. 

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