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Utilization of best practices in the classroom positively impacts students by providing motivation to learn and promote success in a global world. Teacher education is a program related with teacher proficiency and competence that would make them competent enough to face new challenges in the education. Now a days the field of education is not only limited with books but has broadened in various new horizons. Development and changes in education have affected teacher education necessitating review and reforms. It demands understanding with investigative minds, assimilating the required transformations, accommodating and responding to the universal needs. We also need to train teachers with new perspectives as the outer world is in the classroom and schools are opening to the world. The pre- service and in – service teacher education programs have shown paradigm shift with its emphasis on globalization from individualization. It has been recognized that teacher education program should be structured and modified in a way that enables them to respond dynamically to the new problems and challenges in the field of education.

According to NCTE (1998), “teacher is the most important element in any educational program. He plays a central role in implementation of education process at any stage. The level of achievement of learner is determined by teacher competence.” So the quality of education basically depends on the quality of teachers. Similarly, Kothari commission has very rightly said, “The destiny of India is being shaped in its classroom.” As the population in India is growing very rapidly day by day the need of well qualified and professionally trained teachers will also increase in the coming years. So lots of efforts should be made to improve teacher education. Teacher education is a continuous process and its pre-service components are complimentary to each other. Education is instrumental in the preparation of teachers who can in their practice ensure transformative learning, where teacher and learner, learner and learner are co-constructors of knowledge.

Today there are new expectations for education where the focus is on teachers are to be futurist leaders to ensure sustainable education. The paradigm shift is from teacher dominated classroom practices to that of partnership between the teacher and the learners and their peers. Accessibility to quality education is considered essential for development. This has necessitated improvement in the system of teacher education so as to prepare quality teachers.

Concept of Best Practices: Best practices are an inherent part of a curriculum that exemplifies the connection and relevance identified in educational research. They interject rigor into the curriculum by developing thinking and problem-solving skills through integration and active learning. Relationships are built through opportunities for communication and teamwork. Best practices are applicable to all grade or levels and provide the building blocks for instruction. Best practices motivate, engage and prompt students to learn and achieve. Students who receive a balanced curriculum and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to transfer and connect ideas and concepts across disciplines will be successful as measured by standardized tests and other indicators of student success. Four best practices for teachers include teaching a balanced curriculum, teaching an integrated curriculum, differentiating instruction to meet individual student needs and providing active learning opportunities for students to internalize learning.

There is a wide variation among countries with regard to what they believe constitutes an innovation, reform or development in the teaching learning process. For example, the use of colored chalk and basic audio-visual materials may be regarded as being an educational innovation in some development regions, whereas in other more affluent countries innovations may refer to the development and use of sophisticated technologies, methods and practices etc. in our country. Also this electronic technology has dramatically penetrated into every area of our society and every aspect of our social and cultural lives. Today’s children have grown up with remote controls and they spend more time in computers, internet, playing video games etc. than reading books; even toys are now filled with buttons and blinking lights. In such a condition, it is very important to form on “How can we educate this New Generation?” To answer this, a supportive environment, one in which they can create their own ideas; both individually and collaboratively, must be provided. It is a promotion of new ideas and practices in education and training. There has been seen a tremendous shift in the ways and means of education services over the years. Research and innovations play an important role in improving the quality of teachers and the training imparted to them for all levels of teaching. They demand to introduce new ideas and practices in classroom transaction and other curricular and co-curricular activities. The teacher’s effectiveness can be enhanced with good leadership and appropriate teaching methodologies. No teacher education programmer can prepare teachers for all situations that they will encounter. Teacher themselves will have to make the final choice from among many alternatives. The purpose of teacher education is to prepare teachers who have professional competencies to lead the nation forward through their manifold roles.

Importance of Best Practices: To survive in a new, globally competitive world, today's children will need creativity, problem-solving abilities, and a passion for learning, a dedicated work ethic and lifelong learning opportunities. Students can develop these abilities through instruction based on Best Practice teaching strategies. Now a days, the field of education is not only limited with books but has broadened in various new horizons. Development and changes in education have affected teacher education necessitating review and reforms.

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