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Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education caters to the growth of the students for every competitive step in their life. The Institution understands the need to equip every student for the modern challenges. Thus the institution stepped ahead with the objective to collaborate with Indian Red Cross Society.  Red Cross Society is a voluntary organization that focuses upon having a network for over 110 branches throughout the country.  Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education also looks forward to the same objective as Red Cross. Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education has always focused on qualitative enhancement. 

Red Cross Society, Durgapur expressed and came forward with the collaborative terms with Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education. The Mission of the Indian Red Cross is to solely inspire, encourage and then initiate at all times with all forms of humanitarian activities. It is so that human suffering can be minimized and even prevented and thus contributes to creating more congenial climate for peace. Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education truly believes in the mission of Red Cross Society and so proposes to form a collaborative unit.

Objectives of Collaboration

Rajendra Academy For teachers’ Education collaborated with Red Cross Society with certain objectives to serve the mission of the organization through their students. The following objectives are enlisted below:

  • To enhance the understanding about the Red Cross Mission and Vision & its Fundamental Principles
  • To promote peace and harmony among the youth and the selected communities.
  • To strengthen the capacity of the YRC in the area of Hygiene Promotion, Household Water Treatment, Basic First Aid and Promoting Peace and harmony.
  • To contribute towards increasing the awareness of and behavioral changes in the selected communities on Hygiene Promotion, Household Water Treatment and basic First Aid.
  • IRCS youth program is also considering an intensive - youth led community based interventions – with various important components added to the J/YRC level of activities.
  • To provide trainings to the staff and trainee teachers upon Red Cross and Youth program activities as well as on Hygiene Promotion, Water & Sanitation and First Aid.
  • Initiation of preparation for the visibility activities like wall paintings, posters and printing of behavioral change communication material etc.
  • To promote the health and life
  • To render service to the sick and the suffering
  • To reinforce the promotion of national and international friendship among peers and society
  • To develop and increase the mental as well as moral capacities of the youth

The recent programmes that are conducted in collaboration with Red Cross Society are

Motivational Speech of specialists and Doctors- Doctors associated with Red Cross Society came up with their knowledge base and ideologies about how first aid training can help an individual to combat with the issue at its first intervene. They also discussed about how important it is for all in the present time.

First Aid Training at College Campus- The First Aid Training in the Campus was conducted by the team of experts of Red Cross Society in collaboration with Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education. The training went on with practical demonstrations and ended with an examination of the same. Later on Certificates were issued to the First-Aiders from Red Cross Society.

The college is a platform where students are equipped with modern techniques and also they work with the objective to equip the students with every piece of knowledge possible. Thus to enhance the understanding of the Crescent Movement of the Red Cross Society and its fundamentals among the students, RATE enhances quality collaboration with the organization.

List of Common Minimum Programme with Red Cross Society, Durgapur Branch

  1. Continuous Interaction and Meeting
  2. Organizing Blood Donation Camps
  3. Providing Disaster Management Training
  4. Organizing Health Fairs
  5. First Aid training
  6. Seminar/Conference/Workshop on concurrent issues and trends in the society
  7. Organizing Free Medical Camps and Treatments
  8. Scholarships to Talented and studious aspirants
  9. Collecting funds for Red Cross Society
  10. Awareness programme for nutrition
  11. Community Schooling (Free Education)
  12. Organizing Sports and Games
  13. Counseling of personas with psychological disturbances



Red Cross & First Aid

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