Tour And Excursion

Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education regularly organizes the Educational Tour and Excursion with the objective of learning through outdoor experiences. Excursions are considered as hands on experience for students which they cannot learn in the classrooms. Student’s life remains incomplete without broadening their outlook. The College gives priority to realize the Nature and multicultural environment. Students are taken for educational tour and excursions as a part of innovative teaching approach. A host of activities are undertaken as part of educational trips which facilitates the students to connect with each other and develop inter- personal skills beyond the classroom boundaries. Tour and Excursion are a best way for students to connect with each other and develop interpersonal skills and gain valuable learning experience outside of the classroom. The institution stands supportive to the idea of organizing Study Tours and Excursions, Picnics, once in a year to be followed strictly while organizing the trips.

Objectives: The tour and excursions organized by the College in each academic year has the following objectives.

  • Effective Learning: During the educational tour and excursion the students acquire fresh perspective in the informal environment. By coming into direct contact with various environments, culture and community, the students develop openness to others.
  • Individual Development: The College conducts educational tour with the focus on self-awareness of students both in personal and professional context. It offers an informal set up for students to get experienced with various life skills, team spirit, time management, multi tasking, etc.
  • Social and Historical knowledge: Educational tour exposes the students to different lifestyles, places, people and the era. They get first hand experiences on various social and historical perspectives which stimulate their imagination and articulation abilities.
  • Respect for other Culture: When students travel to other different places they get exposure to the ideas, customs, and the social pattern. It enhances the students’ ability to accommodate with different cultures for sustenance
  • Real world Exposure: With the educational tours and excursions the students get the opportunity to mingle with the natural environment as well the social set up. It helps them to practice the social skills and critical thinking abilities outside the classroom along with lessons from the real world.
  • Bonding: One of the major objective of tour and excursions of the College is to provide opportunity to the students to spend time among them in a new environment. They can connect with each other in small groups and share the observations as well as enjoy the learning process.
  • Independence: While away from home and the ease of regular support, students can get the opportunity to see that what they are capable of accomplishing by themselves. Exposure to the outer world through tours and excursions allow them to get matured, self sufficient and independent from the comfort zone.
  • Lifelong Memories: The vision of Rajendra Academy for Teachers’ Education is to provide quality education with multiple skills. The environment out of classroom gives the students exposure to work in team with others which carries life long memories and bonding with the acquired experiences.

Tour and Excursion Committee

  1. Mr Parimal Das (Convener)
  2. Mr Aniruddha Dwivedi
  3. Mr Pintu Saini
  4. Mr Prasenjit Mondal
  5. Mr Satya Sundar Sarkar
  6. Mr Subhadip Ghosh
  7. Mr Sourav Paul
  8. Mrs Shampa Pal
  9. Mrs Sneha Dutta
  10. Miss Sonia Yasmin
  11. Mrs Swasati Ghosh

Tour Report

Tour Report-2018-19

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